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My poor co-worker has been sick for the past two days. So I’ve been doing both mine and her job, so that explains why I haven’t been able to write any entries. It also doesn’t help that last night was the first night since Saturday night that I am able to sleep. I had a weird dream on Friday night and its been haunting me since. I’m a big believer that dreams tell you something. So of course I’ve been trying to figure out what it meant. I’ve always had dreams about situations that end up happening call it crazy but I like to think I have some sort of gift. Not that I can see things but I could sense thing when things are going to go wrong. Maybe its just my woman’s intuition that is heightened for some reason. So yes I’m kind of making excuses for not being able to write what else am I to than explain why I haven’t made the time to write. Sorry guys I’m really trying here 🙂