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United we should standToday marks yet another anniversary of the tragic events that rocked (in a bad way) the lives of many families. It didn’t affect me directly but as most that weren’t affected directly it hurt me to see so much pain, so much suffering and loss. I remember the day like it was last week. Everyone was so scared, in disbelief and felt lost and unprotected. I remember getting home from school and just hugging my 8 month old daughter. I couldn’t stop watching the news as they replayed the towers as they collapsed. Every year my eldest watched the documentaries on History channel and very year we both cry. So many innocent lives were lost that day. The days and weeks following the tragic event have been the most united Ive seen people be. It shouldn’t take a tragedy for this nation to be united. It should be like that always. So today as we take a second to remember those lost on 9/11 lets also remember that we are a nation and united we should stand. A special god bless to all the families affected by this tragedy, we will never forget!