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The 13thSo its Friday the 13th most people cringe at the date but brush it off, others whom seem to be very superstitious try and stay away, indoors if possible to prevent anything bad to happen to them, some even suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia which is a fear of the day Friday the 13th. Me? Well I’m a little superstitious but I don’t take it too far but Ive compiled a silly list of things not to do today:

  • Don’t summon a ghost
  • Make sure a black cat doesn’t cross your path
  • Don’t break a mirror
  • Don’t walk under a ladder
  • Avoid eating very small foods, to prevent choking of course
  • If you see Jason run and don’t look back
  • Don’t investigate the weird noise
  • Don’t play with a Ouija board
  • Don’t use the type of popcorn you place on the stove
  • Don’t eat the apple, it might be poison
  • Don’t believe anyone that calls you and tell you they know what you did last summer
  • Don’t call Bloody Mary or Candy-man