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Middle School memoriesLast night was open house at my eldest middle school.I wasn’t able to attend last year because I needed to attend my younger ones. So this year I just had to go. She made me a map and wrote down all 7 classes down. I was supposed to go by myself but my ex husband had a change of heart and decided to attend as well. All parents were to report to home room at 6:30 PM when the bell rang. Some parents hung around in the halls while other attended the book fair in the auditorium. We decided to check it out. My best friend’s daughter goes to the same school as my daughter so we met up there. We looked around and talked a little. She’s always gotten along with my ex-husband so the three of us talked and joked. Then she said something I hadn’t even crossed my mind and possibly not even his, she said “so being back in middle school, does this make you guys think of old-times? When you walked down the halls holding hand” We both looked at each other like whatever, but in fact at that very moments all these emotions flooded my heart. Middle school years were the best years that we shared, no worries just him and I. We talked for some more and headed toward our home room. I felt lost It felt like the fist day of middle school all over again. Except this time I was more knowledgeable and confident LOL We hurried down the hall, making sure not to be late. We talked as we walked when he suddenly grabbed my hand and held it. I can’t lie it felt good. It felt like old times but it was just for a few minutes till I made sure I said a stupid remark so he could let go. i miss the old him and I. Too bad its gone probably never to return.

Anyways I went to my daughters classes and sat in the uncomfortable chairs which by the way I had forgotten how horrible they are. The smell of the class rooms made me think of when I was in school. She takes a few honor classes and it seemed hard to keep up. She has so many things to do on a daily basis but with more information at her fingers tips. Not like when I went to school that you still had to look things up in encyclopedia because computer were still a pretty new thing. Not every household had one. It helped me understand her daily struggle some more.