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sisterly love, the good kindThis weekend my eldest spent most of the weekend with her best friend and her family aka her other family. So I spent the whole weekend trying to make my little one happy so she wouldn’t miss her sister. They fight like crazy but when they are apart they miss each other you know the typical sister relationship. Well I never had a sister so I don’t fully comprehend, I’m always making them hug and kiss each other, show some type of affection. I occasionally force them to play with each other but it always ends up in a screaming or hitting match. On Saturday I realized I didn’t need to force them to do any of that, that they love each other regardless. It was midnight and I was watching Vampire Diaries while my little one sat next to me watching a movie on Netflix. She turns to me and says “mom when is this child coming home?” (Child as in her sister) I informed her that she was coming home Sunday night and that’s when she said the one thing that yet again made my heart melt and also made me realize how much easier my life would be if I had a sister, she said ” Mom I have faith in Pepi, if she misses me as much as I miss her then she will come home right away” I looked at her and didn’t even have a response for it. I just had to hug her.  I never had a sister and always wanted one because all the bad times in my life would have been made easier with a sister next to me.

The next day when Pepi got home, I thought she would hug her and really express how much she missed her but my little one pushed my older one away from here when she was about to greet her and that there ladies and gentlemen is sisterly love, the good kind LOL