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done workingSo yesterday it was a bit crazy at work, we didn’t have a doctor here at the center for the last two-day and while it was nice to be alone and do things on my own pace, I know I needed the doctor here. We had a full day of surgeries and a ton of work needed to be done. It didn’t bother me because I had a two-day break but when I got home I was drained and for some reason in a bit of a bad mood.Maybe it could have been my boss trying to pin more work on me once I announced I was ready to go home but I was done working. I needed to change to my comfy P.J and socks. I helped my little one with her homework and felt so tired. I couldn’t even think straight. Sometimes I wish I could come home and not have to do anything but motherly duties call and when I feel like this I think they sense it because after I was done helping with her H.W my little one kissed me in my forehead and started to play with my hair (I love when people play with my hair).