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ELLast week we sadly lost a family member. Our whole family was in shock and in complete disbelief. He was 41 years old with many more years to live, husband to my aunt, who is now left with a crushed heart. He didn’t pass away of natural causes, sadly someone took his life.

I was really hesitant in sharing this type of information on a blog when the case hasn’t been solved yet but the more I thought about it the more I thought that I should. Miami is this small >>0 everyone knows everyone and I’m  sure that someone might have heard something or know someone who might know. Please share I beg you guys! We must bring justice to our and his grieving family. He was a good man, very soft-spoken. Loving husband, father, friend and family member. The tragedy has destroyed our hearts. Death itself is so sad but mix it in when the fact that someone had the courage to take his life away makes it even more devastating.