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My grandfather has Alzheimer and dementia. Occasionally he forgets things or people, or sometimes just stares at us. It makes me feel bad because all his life he was a very strong man. He was and is still constantly reading. He used to know Spanish, English and a dialect now he only knows Spanish. It sad to see a man who was so amazing spend his last few days not remember a thing. When my youngest was just born it took a few months for him to get past the question of the gender of my little one. It broke my heart but he eventually got past it. He may not be all there at times but I’m glad my kids got to send time with him and my grandmother. This disease has made him be a baby all over again. He can sit there and go at it like a 7-year-old with my daughter. Below is a picture of him looking at me while I was one my phone, he started at me for about 30 mins, i decided to take the picture because I wanted to capture this moment. I wonder what he was thinking?