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With the unexpected passing of a family member last week it made me wonder what it would be like when it was my turn. now death is not nothing to be played with but when you sit there and grief you cant help but think of yourself and your funeral. I started thinking of how I would like things done at my funeral. my mom of course wasn’t too happy of the things that came out of my mouth. The following are things that I would like to be done at my funeral. I’ve already shared this with my kids and mom.

  • Everyone bring the best picture of you and I post in on a broad, when full it will be given to my kids
  • Bury in my wedding gown and shoes
  • I have a list of 6 people I do not want at my funeral
  • Play the Al Green channel of my Pandora
  • Hire a mac artist to do my makeup
  • The only people who can come really close up to my casket is my mom, grandma and kids….no one else
  • I want roses, sunflowers and calalillies to fill my casket

You might think I’m crazy but I’m sure you all have thought this at least once or twice. You never know when will be your day. So live for today, forget tomorrow, tell the people you love that you love them as often as possible and don’t stay mad with them for too long. Eat, drink and do what you want because at the end of the day that’s all you are taking with you.