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I’m about to hit 30 in a few years and the older I get the more I see things change. Take for example a few weeks back my friends and I decided to get together hang out. When we were a lot younger we got together 98% of the time it involved drinking liquor and partying. This is how I know things are changing. We got together for a family event, had pizza at the local pizza parlor, we stopped by a popular coffee shop and sat to talk about parenting and politics we ended our night cuddled up on my friends couch watching a movie we were all too scared to watch alone.

Times are changing

That’s our tray

I must say this definitely beat getting drunk, not really remember the night and waking up with a hang over. It was fun and all I drank was coffee. I do have to admit I miss the getting drunk and being crazy with the only people I can be crazy with but it was fun to be sober and hang out too. Lets do it again!!!!