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A few months back I started going hardcore with running, I was doing about 3.8 miles in 30 mins. I was really proud of myself but most of all I felt good. I started doing it to show my ex-husband that I was looking better than ever but then I started feeling better and I no longer did it to show him but I did it because it helped me relieve all the stress I had.

One day I started running and noticed my knee felt a little weird, thinking I’m still in my early teens I decided to run it off, I continued to do so for a few weeks. Finally one week I pushed myself too hard, and next thing you know I’m limping all over the place.


I didn’t see a doctor for this because I thought I would cure myself, the pain was so bad that I limped for about 1 weeks 1/2. I did everything in my power to get back to normal. I wore a knee brace all day, and wrapped it every night with icy hot and so after 2 weeks  I was finally able to wear heels. It only bothered me when I walked for long periods of time or stood for too long. I decided not to see the doctor because my home remedy seem to be working.  Then I suddenly had another accident, this time I still have no idea how it happened but I sprained my middle toe on my right foot. I woke up with the pain and trying to be the troop I always am trying to be I drank 2,000 MG of Advil put my shoes on and attended to my motherly duties by 3 my toe was hurting more and it began to swell and turn red later it turned purple. For this I decided to go to Urgent care, they took x-rays and determined it was a sprained toe. Gave me a Percocet, buddy taped my toes, put me on a boot and sent me home.


So now I’m back to limping all over the place, this time with a hideous little boot I cant hide. I’m back to limited activities. It sucks to try to do things and you can’t because you are hurt. Next time I see the doc I’ll be sure to ask if they could place me in a bubble because lately I’m hurting myself more than usual.