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So every year at my job we get to pick a place to eat. At first we had decided on a Cuban spot not to much of a change from what we regularly get but luckily for us they didn’t deliver and were too far to actually go walking so after looking.g at about 5 places we decided on a spot called Pincho Factory. Lets just say it was not at all the normal thanksgiving lunch. We all ordered a burger called Toston Burger, the regular bread buns are replaced with Tostones. I think my cholesterol level rose and I might have had a heart attack of all the grease but it was so worth it. We all sat down and munched on our meal.


As in any office we are quite dysfunctional but it was nice to eat together and enjoy something. It very rare that we all sit together. Today I as I sat there I remember how grateful I am to have a job.