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I try to keep my house as tighty as possible. Everyday when I get home pick up everything that’s not in its place. I clean every weekend and do a deep clean every 2 weeks, move furniture, dust everything, clean the bathroom thoroughly the whole shebang. My mother always told me that a person’s house is a direct representation of who they are as a person, so I can’t say I’m the cleanest person in the world but I try really hard to keep my house as put together as possible. So with that said sometimes I go overboard. I throw away anything that isn’t  in its place, things I don’t need are thrown away, I go garbage crazy and sometimes I even thrown away things that I later need.

Clean crazy!

So this weekend it struck again, I cleaned the house-top to bottom including garage, I wasn’t suppose to because my toe is still messed up but when I get the cleaning bug I just cant help myself. When I was done I took a hot long bath and sat on my sofa to admire my hard work. I love the smell of a clean house. I felt good about myself but then my little one came and my satisfaction turned into guilt. These were the words that killed it for me. ” Mommy where is my Thanksgiving project that took me forever to make, I need to finish it for homework and turn it in on Monday” Yup I’m that mom that threw away her daughter’s homework because it was out-of-place. Next time I guess I’ll ask.