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I get so cold in the morning that most of the time I just crack my window a tad bit just to let some air in. Yesterday morning I was in such a hurry, I woke up a bit late and then took forever to get ready. I also needed to put gas before jumping on the freeway. I was doomed to be extra late to work. As I’m turning into the gas station I suddenly smell shit. Yes shit, I asked my eldest if she had farted because it smelled weird. She immediately got upset because I would ask such a thing. When I got to the gas station I turned off the ignition but the smell was still there., I ran into the gas station to pay for my gas. When I get back to the car I find the reason for the foul smell.

bird1Bird shit is falling on my car  bird2Yes bird CRAP!!!! ahh it was like a bird had major diarrhea and decided to bless me so early in the morning, perfect aiming too because my window was not opened all the way.I cleaned it off with a wet paper towel but gagged so much, I thought I would actually throw up. So how was your morning?? LOL