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HPV vaccine yay or nay??So my girlfriend and I went out for lunch yesterday and being as we are all moms and have no party stories to share we talk about parenting a life. Our kids are all approaching the teenage years. The top of conversation was the HPV vaccine. My friend was telling me how in the last visit to the doctor he handed her a pamphlet with the information and told her to think about and let her know if it was something she was interested in for the next visit. First of all I didn’t know that boys got vaccinated as well. It makes sense though because Men are carriers of HPV. We chatted some more and looked up a few links talking about the vaccines, she says she would look over it and decide later. My other friend already gave her daughter both doses requires but mine never got the second dose. This morning the friend that already gave her daughter both doses sent us a link on the dangers of the vaccine. I read it and couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was scary, especially the amount of girls who have died due to the side effects of the vaccine. It made me wonder how many other kids have this vaccine and if not what made you decided not to have your child vaccinated with the HPV vaccine?