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Changing love My teen daughter has this little crush on a boy and he has a crush on her too, they were friends and decided to finally tell each other that they like one another, she isn’t allowed to date yet but she’s allowed to like a boy and talk to him. I have eyes and ears at the school so I’ll find out if she starts to “date” anyone (I know that sounds a little stoker mom but it is what it is)  They have been texting each other non stop. Nothing out of this world, just little kid stuff. Well last night it went up a notch, she told me that he texted her that he loved her. I almost had a heart attack, I turned to her and said, “what the hell do you guys know about love?” At that very moment I felt like I had gone back in time. I remember telling my mom about the father of my kids about how I loved him and he loved me, I remembered my mother standing the same exact way and spitting out the same exact words. I knew I loved him but now that I’m older I grown to know that Ive loved the same person in many different ways and for many different reasons all which have changed over time. Its a constant love but a changing one. I felt bad about saying what I said and this being the first boy that she likes and he likes her back of course it will feel like love. She tell me how she has butterflies, and thinks about him often, she even told me she feels like she’s floating. I remember having all those emotions and I didn’t know what other explanation to give than I was in love but little did I know it was puppy love. That the reason why I thought I loved that person would soon change. I’m planning to talk to her tonight and explain to her a few things about love but I don’t want to ruin the feeling because its part of being a girl of growing up.