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Today as I was driving to work the topic on the radio was “who were you in your past life”. Now a lot of people do not believe in reincarnation but I’m very open to thing and I for one do believe in that.The host brought this up because he says that he met a girl and there was just this special connection he couldn’t quite explain, nothing sexual just a plain connection, like she was a friend for many many years. His only explanation was that they might somehow be connected in his past life. One of the girls says she had a reading a few years ago and she was told that she was a servant that had a daughter and her daughter then is now her sister. Creepy!!!

I was a man

So it brought up the question; who was I in my past life? I need a past life reading ASAP because now I want to know. But here’s what I’ve come up with so far.I think I might have been a man!! A leader of some sort, maybe a king or a commander of an army. I’m very strategic you know. Why a man you must ask, well it’s because I don’t really like girly things like fashion shows and shopping, I like sports particularly barbaric ones like MMA. I love war movies and really like guns. I like to cuddle but not as much as most girls. I’m not your common girl.

I went on a site that gives you a short one but you must pay to get the full reading, which is something I’m not doing.

You were a male in your last earthly incarnation.

You were born somewhere in the territory of modern France around the year 1800.Your profession was that of a seaman, dealer, businessman or broker.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life: Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. With a magician’s abilities, you could have been a servant of dark forces.

The lesson that your past life brought to your present incarnation: Your task is to learn, to love and to trust the universe. You are bound to think, study, reflect, and to develop inner wisdom.

What do you think??