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So at the beginning of this month I was rushed to the E.R with excruciating pain around my belly button, at first I thought it might be some sort of stomach virus but then I could even stand straight. The pain was unbearable! It turns out my appendix was inflamed and I had to have an Laparoscopic appendectomy. Now other than having my two girls (naturally no pain medication or epidural) I had never had surgery, I was freaking out but it needed to be done. So On Friday the 7th I had surgery. Being under anesthesia is weird and coming back from it sucks even more. I felt loopy and tired and dizzy and awful all around. Then I was on Oxycodone another horrible drug. My mother never left my side she slept in the hospital the first two nights. I love her for being so good to me.


Belly button

After surgery I couldn’t eat any solids for 2 days, I was strictly on ice chips. Now being the fatty that I am I was going nuts, I wanted food!! Below is a picture of  what my incisions looked like about 4 days after surgery. The incision that hurt the most was my belly button. I never really realized how much you use your core during the day.


Belly buttonMy staples were removed the Wednesday following my surgery and a tape was placed. It was the most uncomfortable feeling. Today I am still a little bloated and still can’t run or lift anything heavy until about 6 to 8 weeks after surgery, that means at the end of March Beginning of April I’ll be myself 100%. I already feel like myself again. Its been quite the experience waiting for people to do things for me and not being able to take care of my girls. Having them take care of mom was quite the little experiment but they were great. During the whole recuperation my family and my besties were amazing, they called me everyday and checked up on me. They made me feel blessed to have them all in my life.