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After weeks and weeks of planning and last-minute cancellation my best friends and I finally had lunch together. It was so nice to sit down and chat just the three of us. We went to a place called Egg and Dart in mid-town. The food was bad but the company was great. Our drinks on the other had were yummers.

drinksWe talked and talked so more than I blurted out that we should get matching tattoos. I was kinda joking, inside I knew my friends would never agree to that but to my amazement they agreed so after we were done we drove to the tattoo shop and got matching tattoos. Now my mother is very against tattoos I have three  before these two I just got and she didn’t speak to me for a long time after getting them. I decided not to tell her till the next day and when I did she whooped me. Yes you heard right she spanked me like I was 12 again. It pissed me off but I stood there and let her hit me then I laughed because I knew it would piss her off. I’m an adult for heaven sake!! I live on my own pay my own bill. They are so small and only the person sleeping with me and I can see them. She was pissed and let it all out how I’m such a bad example for my kids for getting tattoos, and that I’m an insolent child.

tat 2

This is under my ribcage, right under my bra