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More EffortSome morning I wake up and I feel like I’m just walking on cloud 9. Everything comes effortlessly, I feel that little extra pep in my step but then there are mornings where I get up and I’m just dragging my feet. Lazy mode kicks in and I feel so blah but these are the days one must try the hardest to be happy. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized only we can produce a good day, only we can turn a bad day into a good . Some day require more effort than others.

Today I woke up and had that feeling but I decided not to let it get to me, I look ed at myself in the mirror and stared for a little while, I didn’t like the way I was frowning at myself, now this is going to sound crazy but I smiled at myself and said today will be a great day. And so I went about my morning and before I knew I was in better spirits than I had woken up with.