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Momma knows bestSo a few posts back I wrote about my eldest liking a boy. While on my writing break the little douche bag asked her out and without my permission starting “dating”. I found out about 3 days later. I got really mad and explained how disappointed I was in her. We had agreed that she wouldn’t have a boyfriend till she was 15. I know all teenagers are rebellious, I know because I was and it ended in me getting knocked up at 14. So even without my permission she continued to date him. During this whole time she would tell me things about him and I would explain and give her reasons why he was just not good for her. I know as a teen it must have seen like I was just trying to have them break up but this kid is no good at all. This went on for about 3 weeks then the little douche bag broke up with her through Instagram direct. he couldn’t even tell her in person. I felt like doing my I told you so dance because I was right but she was heart-broken. I thought of 48435 ways to kill this kid with my bare hand but I don’t look good in orange so I had to restrain myself. I let her be and gave her time to heal. We had long talks about boy and my person experiences but not till that moment did I realized that my mother always knew best, if I would have listened to some of her advice some things in my life would have turn out better than they did. Sometimes you just have to let your kid stumble and fall before they learn.