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Over developedOk so lets talk about these over developed children. Today I took my youngest to the park, the weather was great so I decided we get some Starbucks to go and hit the park. My youngest can play, while my eldest and I sit and have some much-needed girl talk. We get to the park and find a bench, while my little one disappeared into the playground. As a mother I know most of you understand that we have to keep an eye on our children, so I scan through the play set to lacate her when I see this man, weird 80’s porn star and possibly taller than me. I freaked and ask my daughter ” OMG what is that creep doing in the kid’s park” I was about to get up and take my kid home when my eldest say “Umm mom that’s a kid”. No way this was a kid then all of a sudden I see him leap out of the play set and scream” can’t catch me”. that’s when I lost it, I began to laugh at my reaction and the fact that I couldn’t tell this kid was a kid. He didn’t look like it but he was, he probably the same age as my daughter yet he resembled the face of a man who played tennis and smoked way too much cigarettes. Wow what is going on with these kids, they are big and over developed. My kid is 13 and she has boobies bigger than mine. Watch out people over developed child coming to a home near you!