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Momma Down So over the weekend my mother fell and at first she thought it might just be bruised up but as the day proceeded she wasn’t able to walk on it. As soon as she put her heel down she would cry. She was reluctant to go to the E.R but eventually subdue when the pain was just unbearable. After waiting about 45 minutes they finally took us in and did some X-rays, turns out she fractured her foot. I already knew it wasn’t just bruised, her foot was the size of her head. So now she has a splint on and has to be out of commission for about 6 weeks. She has always been so independent that I know its killing her to have to depend on people to do things and drive her places. I called her yesterday during my lunch time and i could hear it in her voice how frustrated she is. I pray she recovers fast so she could be back to her old self again.