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Shitty attitude, great bagelsThis morning I passed by Einstein bagels to pick up breakfast for my co-worker and I. I’m not really a morning person but I’m never mean to anyone. I just don’t really talk until I have my coffee. I stood in line behind this couple who looked very put together, they looked very executive type people. They ordered their breakfast and then it was my turn I ordered my box of bagels and went one to the next register to pay for my items, the couple was at the next register paying for their items when I heard the following

cashier: Ok, sir will you be taking a coffee with that it comes with the order

sir: No didn’t I tell you this like ten times already

cashier: sorry sir I just wanted to make sure because it come with the order and you’ll be charged anyways

sir: are you deaf or something?

cashier just looks at him I’m sure wanting to tell him a few things to set him straight but probably can’t because she’ll get fired.The man hands her the money and cashier hands him back his change

cashier: sir have a great day and enjoy your breakfast (smiles)

sir: well I don’t even have it.

cashier: I’ll give you your breakfast in just a few but enjoy your day anyways.

sir: yea sure

I stood there completely appalled and utterly disgusted, when I got to the register I said the following loud enough for the asshole sir to hear me, “I’m so sorry you have to deal with such assholes so early in the morning” and instead of agreeing with my the cashier simply said, ” Its OK really” and smiled. It broke my heart to see a human being treat another human being like that. They looked so nicely put together but their attitude was shitty as hell. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, you never know what type of day the other person is having.