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PyrexiaLike any parent I’m always all ear to new disease or viruses going around. If I hear of something I research it and get informed on what it is and how to prevent or treat it. So a few weeks back they put this sign up on the high way; “Pyrexia, the top leading cause for E.R visits.” Just so that you guys understand why it intrigued me so much,  on the billboard the letters are white all except PYREXIA those letters are a weird almost scary looking texture. The background looks like lava, with random black holes,  it even looked like the lava was dripping from the billboard. Being a creature of curiosity I quickly made a mental note to research this as soon as I was near a computer. I wasn’t able to look it up as quickly as i had hoped but I kept thinking of it, I kept trying to decipher the word, could it be some type of stomach virus or disease, maybe a type of flesh-eating sickness, maybe it kills. It drove me crazy but when I finally got around to doing my research and found out what it meant all I could do is laugh. Pffff my kids have had it plenty of time and each time they have survived and I know thousands of kids who survived it too!!! These mothersuckers got me, they sure did!!! So now I drive by it and say no Pyrexia, you aren’t going to make this mommy worry not today LOL