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TFIOSSo as many of you might know from reading previous entries, I love to read. I love murder mysteries and romance. Back in April I found out that a movie was coming out based on a book and like any nerd would do I decided to buy the book to read then watch the movie. I can tell you that along with The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks, The fault in our stars by John Green is up there with my favorite books. The book is about two teens who meet each other in a support group for Cancer kids and it follows their journey while they fall in love. No it’s not a Cancer book it s a book about love! I cried and laughed, it taught me a lot about love and it made me appreciate the things I have even more. So if you like to read, do it soon. The movie comes out tomorrow and I’m trilled to go see it. Below is the last sentence of the book, John Green did such an incredible job!!! TFIOS2