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Braggs fo yo assSo as everyone know I have a very hard time being on a diet therefore I never start one, my inner fat girl is always peeking out. I can tell you that I am watching what I eat. I’ve completely stayed away from fast food, chocolate and sodas. I try really hard to not eat bread all the time and lower the intake of sugar. I do however exercise almost everyday. About a year and half ago I found that jogging helped me relieve my stress and made me a happier me. I’m always on the search for new healthy things to eat and little things that will help with weight loss. So about a month ago I heard about Braggs Apple Cider vinegar. It has all theses great benefits for you one being that it promotes weight loss. So since Ive had these stubborn 5 pounds that I cant loose I decided to buy it. Yesterday was my first day, I thought it would taste bad but it really doesn’t. It made me really thirsty which had me drinking more water than usual which had me peeing almost all day which I guess helps remove all the toxin in my body. I will report to you guys in about a week on whether this works or not.