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I dosOn Sunday I attended a wedding for the co-worker of the guy I’m dating. I made sure I looked good as all his co-workers were going to be there and some I was meeting for the very first time. I am extremely proud to say that I was able to look hot ass hell for under $90.00. I felt like a million bucks and my partner and i look like super stars next to each other.


The church was beautiful, it was spacious but the priest performed a horrible service. It was so cute to hear them say their I do’s. The banquet hall was very spacious and decorated nicely, her colors were silver and purple. I usually cry throughout the whole wedding but I surprised my date as well as myself when my eyes only got teary one time during a dance the groom had with his mother. We danced and had so much fun joking around with everyone. As the night progress and I saw how happy the newlyweds were I started to think of my own wedding and how happy I was that day. I went over the budget we had set and still had to cut a few things out but I was and still am satisfied with my wedding. I got everything I wanted and I felt so blessed. Sometimes I say I’ll never get married again but I kind of want to do it again. I want to dress up in a beautiful gown look my groom in the eye and say all the beautiful things possible and him to me in front of all the people that we truly care about.