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20 lessonsI come to realize that life is like a very long lesson, sometimes you think you have it all figured out and bam!!!! something happens and your world gets turned upside down only to make you realize that you didn’t and from that a new lesson in life arises. Here are the top 20 I’ve learned in the past two years.

  1. Some people are very vicious even after you’ve open your heart and home for them.
  2. Never expect people to do as you have because you’ll end up being hurt.
  3. Don’t do favors if you expect a return out of it. Do it from the heart.
  4. Children remember and notice everything.
  5. Never jump into a relationship after just ending one, time for yourself is important.
  6. Take your health seriously.
  7. Never stop learning things, always ask why, never settle for a whatever answer.
  8. Do things that make you smile (I know it’s a bit of a cliche but you wont regret it)
  9. Be honest with everything, even the small stuff.
  10. Don’t neglect your friends. You’ll need them one day.
  11. Don’t trust people who gossip about their own close friends.
  12. Positivity is important, it will change your outcome in everything you do in life.
  13. Love hard or go home.
  14. Envy comes with success, prepare yourself by learning to ignore what people say about you.
  15. Low life women will try to ruin the relationship you have with your better half, build a relationship so airtight that no one is able to break you up.
  16. You mom is right about 88% of the time.
  17. Don’t be afraid to express yourself you might regret not doing so later.
  18. Learn to put your pride aside.
  19. When things are bad remember it could be worst.
  20. Nothing is forever.

20 Lessonss