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Featured imageAs my youngest is growing, which almost feels like at the speed of light, I’ve realized that I haven’t been as good as a mom to her as I was with my first-born. I was 15 when I had my first kid, when she was 2 I started working a part-time and went to school but the first two years of her existence my only focus was school, house duties and her. I had more time to spend with her, I took pictures, too many videos,played with her A LOT, and took more time to try to teach her things. With my second I was already working a full-time job and finishing up a Technical school by the time my second one was 6 months her father and I had split up and I suddenly found myself juggling a household, a 5-year-old that was miserable because she saw so much fighting, a toddler, work and being a stupid teenager. It makes me sad because I know I could have done better with her. I look back and I can definitely say I raised  them differently. I’m trying to be the parent i should have been. In the past two years I feel like I’ve tried so hard I suffocate her at times.Honestly at times I feel like I’m trying to over compensate for the lack of parenting when she was a itty bitty baby that I’m making her too dependent on me. I read a lot of articles and in one of my reads I found an article that nailed to the tee how I felt about raising my second born. This article just summed up everything I felt. I cant even lie, by the time I was done reading I was crying.