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I’m only like 9 days late!!! but yes Happy New Year!!! Made it through the first week of the year, couple of crazy days but made it none the less. Don’t worry I wont post a full blog about New year new me bull crap because I’m a big believer that you don’t need a new year to make better choices, try new things, leave old habits behind or tweak yourself a bit, I believe this is a year round thing. I’m constantly looking for way to become a better me.

I was off for two weeks with my girls and Monday was my first day back at work. As we had our daily huddle and catching up he showed us this song, the song itself is a bit stupid but the message is where it’s at. He says they played it when he graduated in 99 (I was 13), people past their mid twenties understand that but a younger person wont, and I know because I showed it to my 13-year-old daughter and she was like this song is stupid and listen but didn’t really pay attention. So maybe it will help you now or prepare you for the future or simply say should have.