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fresh 29Just last week I turned 29, when I was younger I considered 30 very old age…now not so much. I’ve been feeling a bit down because at this age I figured I have all my shit together. That Id have a gorgeous house with a white picket fence, the perfect marriage and children… a cute little family, enough money saved up for a rainy day, a walk in closet with everything I could ask for, a cool job that I enjoy and paid close to 3 figures a year, a brand new car. So far the only thing I have are the kids LOL. I made a lot of stupid decisions that just made my goals take longer to achieve but if years brought me anything I could say it made me more realistic, I no longer want these things. I just want my own place not a perfect one but a place a could call my own, I don’t want the perfect marriage I just want someone to make me feel like I’m the best thing that ever happened in their life someone who will respect me and be loyal, a perfect marriage isn’t real. A job that I feel comfortable in and pays ok, and a car that will last me long enough so when I’m old I still have one. I want health and happiness. That simple! So even though I don’t have what  I thought I would I’m on the right path to have the more realistic thing I now know I want.