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Boys you cant have it all

So today as I’m on my way to work I was listening to an interview on  hip pop station. Their celebrity guest was the ex-boyfriend of Nikki Minaj, they were together for about 10 years. They started both started from the bottom and made their way to fame, her from her raps and him for being her hype man/man behind the scene/boyfriend/everything.  For reason I don’t really care but the rest of the world does they split up and have been at each others throat since, feuds on social media and all possible places. Now I’m the first to say that people shouldn’t get in between couple fights because no one is there when the two of them are alone behind closed doors, no one really knows what goes on in there. So as the interview went on one of the DJs tell Safaree that he should feel betrayed that right when she started to blow up she broke up with him. Now this is where I got a little uncomfortable. The person riding the car with me tells me how fucked up this chick is for leaving a man who has been by her side since day one. My response was “Men want a women that’s nasty (in the sexual sense), a women that doesn’t care to show off her body, a women who will make you aroused just by a few lines she spits at you, a women who is a women but thinks and acts like an absolute man. But why do men get mad when the same woman pulls a move a man would? Men do it all the time, I’ve seen it in sports they marry their high school sweetheart then get famous and dump them for a video vixen.”

Boys you cant have it all!! And don’t get mad when you get what you deserve.