Lulu who you must ask….

I became a mother at the age of 15 and again at the age of 19, its been quite the experience but I love being a mom and wouldn’t  change it for nothing in the world. I am a first time blogger looking to share picture, ideas, opinions and the silliness that goes on in my head. Most of my material will originate from the things I read or personal experiences. Please don’t get offended if my opinion or ideas differs from yours. I hope you enjoy my entries and don’t forget to share with Family and Friends  :)\

And Remember to Dance like no one is watching!!

15 thoughts on “Lulu who you must ask….”

  1. This is pretty cool

  2. your very beautiful. i really like your blog! hope you and your kids are having a great day!

  3. I love what you have here. Thank you for checking out my site and liking my post. I look forward to getting to know you.

  4. asylumheaven said:

    dear LULU,
    your new photo is very nice

  5. hey thanks for following my blog, snooped around yours and I think I’m going to stick around 🙂 looking forward to reading more of your future post!

  6. By what you blog, it tells me that your mind works a bit different than other women. Do you have a YouTube ch ?

  7. crazyguyinthailand said:

    Nice blog 😀

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