Braggs fo yo ass


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Braggs fo yo assSo as everyone know I have a very hard time being on a diet therefore I never start one, my inner fat girl is always peeking out. I can tell you that I am watching what I eat. I’ve completely stayed away from fast food, chocolate and sodas. I try really hard to not eat bread all the time and lower the intake of sugar. I do however exercise almost everyday. About a year and half ago I found that jogging helped me relieve my stress and made me a happier me. I’m always on the search for new healthy things to eat and little things that will help with weight loss. So about a month ago I heard about Braggs Apple Cider vinegar. It has all theses great benefits for you one being that it promotes weight loss. So since Ive had these stubborn 5 pounds that I cant loose I decided to buy it. Yesterday was my first day, I thought it would taste bad but it really doesn’t. It made me really thirsty which had me drinking more water than usual which had me peeing almost all day which I guess helps remove all the toxin in my body. I will report to you guys in about a week on whether this works or not.





Book = movie


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TFIOSSo as many of you might know from reading previous entries, I love to read. I love murder mysteries and romance. Back in April I found out that a movie was coming out based on a book and like any nerd would do I decided to buy the book to read then watch the movie. I can tell you that along with The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks, The fault in our stars by John Green is up there with my favorite books. The book is about two teens who meet each other in a support group for Cancer kids and it follows their journey while they fall in love. No it’s not a Cancer book it s a book about love! I cried and laughed, it taught me a lot about love and it made me appreciate the things I have even more. So if you like to read, do it soon. The movie comes out tomorrow and I’m trilled to go see it. Below is the last sentence of the book, John Green did such an incredible job!!! TFIOS2



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PyrexiaLike any parent I’m always all ear to new disease or viruses going around. If I hear of something I research it and get informed on what it is and how to prevent or treat it. So a few weeks back they put this sign up on the high way; “Pyrexia, the top leading cause for E.R visits.” Just so that you guys understand why it intrigued me so much,  on the billboard the letters are white all except PYREXIA those letters are a weird almost scary looking texture. The background looks like lava, with random black holes,  it even looked like the lava was dripping from the billboard. Being a creature of curiosity I quickly made a mental note to research this as soon as I was near a computer. I wasn’t able to look it up as quickly as i had hoped but I kept thinking of it, I kept trying to decipher the word, could it be some type of stomach virus or disease, maybe a type of flesh-eating sickness, maybe it kills. It drove me crazy but when I finally got around to doing my research and found out what it meant all I could do is laugh. Pffff my kids have had it plenty of time and each time they have survived and I know thousands of kids who survived it too!!! These mothersuckers got me, they sure did!!! So now I drive by it and say no Pyrexia, you aren’t going to make this mommy worry not today LOL

Self love


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Self love So for the past few months I’ve been dating this guy, we have a lot of history together and all though that could sometimes be a little bad its been working for us lately. I thought that after being so heartbroken I could never bring my self to love again. It was hard at first because I was so guarded but I slowly let the true me emerge. Don’t get me wrong i still am a bit guarded and there are days I wake up and I feel a certain type of way.  Looking back I’m happy I didn’t jump from one relationship to another. I know sometimes we tend to do that so we could heal or forget but all that isn’t really healing its pushing aside the things that we don’t want to confront. I spent many days crying my little eyes out, many days analyzing and over analyzing the things that went wrong and what I could have done differently, plotting my revenge (which I totally got all gory with) but never really put them into action, many hours blaming myself then blaming him. I read books, lots and lots of them. I remember the very first book I picked up was The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. I think every married or divorced woman should read. I focused on doing things that would make me smile, I focused on being a better mother. I spend many days alone and many surrounded by people who believed in me, people that I could feed off of their great energy.  So the point is that I focused on me, on creating a woman who would be happy with herself, because if I learned anything from all of this is that you can’t make someone truly happy if you don’t feel good about yourself, if you don’t truly love yourself.



Late Momma’s day


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I’m a day late but I have to take the time to say Happy Mother’s day to all the great mom out there, those who might think they aren’t doing a good job but always go beyond the call of mommy-hood. Those to kiss the boobooes, help with homework, play along with whatever your child asks of you, discipline your child, teach them how to be educated and proper human beings.Those who take up all your free time doing things for your family. It takes a very special woman to be a mother first before being anything else Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!!!

                                                                                                                                            Happy Late mommas day



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blockedIve been a bit busy lately but its no excuse for not doing what I love the most. Everyday i sit down and start to write a post but somehow I cant get finished. I cant put my finger on what it could be but my writing has been a little off lately. I have over 15 post that sounds like crap, when i try to finish or read what Ive written so far I decide not to even bother to post. Has anyone experienced writers block or whatever it is that’s happening to me? I remember being able to sit and just write but its not flowing in as easy anymore.

Its Friday Bitches


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Its Friday Bitches


It’s finally Friday and most of us has crazy weeks while other simply can’t wait for the weekend to party or simply relax and enjoy time off, while we are all stuck at work, school or running errands here are some funny pics because anyone can use a good laugh from time to time

friday funny10 friday funny1 friday funny2 friday funny3 friday funny4 friday funny5 friday funny6 friday funny7 friday funny8 friday funny9

A little prayer plz


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A little prayer plzSometimes when it rains it pours but its important to know that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. So like I wrote previously my mother got injured, I took her to the E.R twice between Sunday and Wednesday and to her specialist yesterday, I drove a total of 5 hours yesterday back and forth from my job to her house to the doctor and back home. Now I don’t mind helping her out because she’s my mom. I am not complaining but all this going on at once has made me tried not to mention I’m anemic so I get tired easily. So when i got home yesterday as I was settling  down I felt my belly button start to hurt with every movement. I decided to shower and relax, its only been 4 1/2 weeks since my surgery. After my shower I went to lay down and noticed my belly button was red and hot to the touch. I immediately called my doctor and she called in an RX for some medication, she explained it could be a simple bruise or something major but I would have to take the medication before she could see me to let the swelling go down. I came to work like this because I can’t miss work when at approximately 9 am my eldest called to pick her up because she felt like she couldn’t breathe. She had been complaining of a cough but couldn’t get an appointment to her pediatrician until Saturday so I bought medication to suppress her cough, well it didn’t work and I’m heading to the E.R right after work. Pray for us so that we could all get better!

Shitty attitude, great bagels


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Shitty attitude, great bagelsThis morning I passed by Einstein bagels to pick up breakfast for my co-worker and I. I’m not really a morning person but I’m never mean to anyone. I just don’t really talk until I have my coffee. I stood in line behind this couple who looked very put together, they looked very executive type people. They ordered their breakfast and then it was my turn I ordered my box of bagels and went one to the next register to pay for my items, the couple was at the next register paying for their items when I heard the following

cashier: Ok, sir will you be taking a coffee with that it comes with the order

sir: No didn’t I tell you this like ten times already

cashier: sorry sir I just wanted to make sure because it come with the order and you’ll be charged anyways

sir: are you deaf or something?

cashier just looks at him I’m sure wanting to tell him a few things to set him straight but probably can’t because she’ll get fired.The man hands her the money and cashier hands him back his change

cashier: sir have a great day and enjoy your breakfast (smiles)

sir: well I don’t even have it.

cashier: I’ll give you your breakfast in just a few but enjoy your day anyways.

sir: yea sure

I stood there completely appalled and utterly disgusted, when I got to the register I said the following loud enough for the asshole sir to hear me, “I’m so sorry you have to deal with such assholes so early in the morning” and instead of agreeing with my the cashier simply said, ” Its OK really” and smiled. It broke my heart to see a human being treat another human being like that. They looked so nicely put together but their attitude was shitty as hell. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, you never know what type of day the other person is having.

Momma Down


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Momma Down So over the weekend my mother fell and at first she thought it might just be bruised up but as the day proceeded she wasn’t able to walk on it. As soon as she put her heel down she would cry. She was reluctant to go to the E.R but eventually subdue when the pain was just unbearable. After waiting about 45 minutes they finally took us in and did some X-rays, turns out she fractured her foot. I already knew it wasn’t just bruised, her foot was the size of her head. So now she has a splint on and has to be out of commission for about 6 weeks. She has always been so independent that I know its killing her to have to depend on people to do things and drive her places. I called her yesterday during my lunch time and i could hear it in her voice how frustrated she is. I pray she recovers fast so she could be back to her old self again.