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Haven’t posted anything on here for the past week or so, my life has been so busy lately that I haven’t even had a chance to do what I love and have some ME time, to pick up a book and read. We got yet another new girl at work this week and this one I like and she’s fast. I’ve also recently discovered how evil some people can really be, not that I didn’t know but I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I got a new roommate to help me pay for rent because it was getting really hard for me to cover it now that I’m alone again. All my life I’ve lived with my mom or husband and kids and even thought he is family member it’s really hard to get used to someone else being around. I mean he doesn’t spend his days home and only come home to sleep but it’s still hard. I’ve been trying to improve myself in many ways, I want to learn to forgive , learn to make other people’s fight only theirs, not stick my nose in it and most of all spending more time with my girls.

Life has a way of making you see things clearly when all else seems to be falling apart. I must say I’m still a little hard broken and sometimes it feels like I wont bounce back but in time I know things will get better and I look forward to when I could feel happiness in my life again.